About Us

Working The Streets is a non-profit resource center servicing our community frontline outreach workers and family with support that is much needed. Working The Streets Niagara offers certified discernment and safety training courses, drop off and pick up of every day basic living supplies for our street family. Working The Streets  also offers the use of our certified kitchen to prepare food for frontline outreach, as well as, the use of our facilities for team meetings, life groups and special events. Together we can be good stewards of our resources and discernment as frontline outreach workers servicing our community.    

Who we are and what we do

Certified Discernment and
Safety Training Courses
  • Working The Streets Team Training

  • Shelter Attendant Training

  • Buried In Treasures: A Hoarders Course

  • How To Study Your Bible: Inductive Study

  • Escape The Coming Night: Book Of Hope

  • Marriage Counselling Course

  • Canadian Code For Volunteers


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