Mission, Vision, Values Statement


Our mission at Working the Streets Niagara is to operate a non-profit resource training center that services our community with certified discernment and safety training. We aim to make a positive impact on the city by offering frontline outreach workers with support by providing basic living supplies for our street family, as well as the use of our certified kitchen to prepare food, conduct team meetings, life groups and special events.


Our vision is to foster a community that treasures the safety, well being, and self-worth of every human being.




Social Action

We participate in social action in order to foster a sense of community and dignity.


Authentic Relationships

We are dedicated to developing genuine partnerships and relationships based on trust and knowledge.



We care for all the people in the community, helping them to pursue positive choices and opportunities to thrive.


We strive to better the lives of all members of our community by providing positive and inspiring training programs that make a difference now and in the future.



We rely on our dedicated staff, volunteers, communities, supporters, funders, and partner agencies to help shape the success of everyone in the Niagara Region.